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Are you ready to work with a proven professional who can add immediate value to your organization? If so, I'm your pick.


I was born and raised in Israel, majored in Bachelor's degree & Diploma of Game Art & Design at Tiltan School of Design & Visual Communication.


From a young age, I like to create & tell stories, so drawing is my way to express myself & to bring ideas to life.

I like to help other people by giving advices, solving problems & finding solutions to the problems.

I'm organized person, collaborative with people and teams, good in time managment & meet the deadlines.

I skilled in use digital graphic softwares: Photoshop, Illustrator & Procreate.

My art style is very open to many kinds: from semi-realism to cartoon stylized.

I'm open to work as a freelance from home or relocate if necessary.

So let's create something AMAZING together, alright?

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