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Are you ready to work with a proven professional who can add immediate value to your organization? If so, I'm your pick.


I was born and raised in Israel, majored in Bachelor's degree & Diploma in Game Art & Design at Tiltan School of Design & Visual Communication.


From a young age, I have liked to create and tell stories, so drawing is my way to express myself and bring ideas to life.

I like to help other people by giving bits of advice, solving problems and finding solutions to the problems.

I'm an organized person, collaborative with people and teams, good at time management and meeting deadlines.

I am skilled in using digital graphic software: Photoshop, Illustrator and Procreate.

My art style is very open and versatile to many kinds.

I'm open to working as a freelance from home or relocate if necessary.

So let's create something AMAZING together, all right?

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